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As a specialized medical practitioner, billing and revenue collection is the essential part of your business that ensures you get paid accurately and quickly for the service you provide. Choosing the right revenue management company is the difference in having a highly profitable practice.

If you are interested in maximizing your revenue, we'd like to talk to you about the difference RSI can make in your business. Whether you are just opening your practice or if you are considering a change in billing companies, we're here to make the transition process simple and worry- free for you and your associates.

Free Practice Analysis

If you are unsure as to whether a change in billing companies really could make a difference in your revenue, we'll show you in black and white. here is what we will need to give you a free analysis of your current billing and collections:

Patient population- Carriers such as Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.

Any special arrangements you have in place with a hospital or other entity Contracts and their negotiated percentage of reimbursement Volume and pricing of all CPTs for a period of six months or one year.

We'll provide you with a report detailing what percentage we'd expect to collect from your commercial insurance companies, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid, Medicare and the private sector. You can compare our projected collection percentages with your own. Chances are you'll be quite surprised at what a difference a better revenue management company can make.

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