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Ruffe Systems

Ruffe Systems, Inc. was originally created through the collaborative vision of radiologists and a specialized medical software developer. This genesis of vision means RSI has innovative, best in class technology for the specialized needs of our physicians billing and revenue collection. Where other companies use limited, off the shelf programs, our proprietary software allows us to provide customizable solutions including detailed reporting that gives every conceivable financial viewpoint of practice analysis.

Protecting the patients' information and secure reliability is a foundation of our platform for which we have continually achieved full IBM certifications of our operating system. We employ a full time IT team on staff, so our clients will never spend time on automated software help lines.

As a specialized medical practitioner, billing and revenue collection is the essential part of your business that ensures you get paid accurately and quickly for the service you provide. With over thirty years of experience, RSI has been a trusted partner for practitioners based on proven results.

Thirty years means knowledgeable employees with the expertise to avoid potential delays, troubleshooting problems quickly, and facilitate the billing cycle process with maximum efficiency. Our physicians know that when you work with RSI you have confidence that your practice is being well represented and you are getting the maximum value from your trusted billing partner.

Ruffe Systems, Inc. Is Committed To

Conducting the highest quality of health data submission, evidenced through accurate, reliable, timely and valid billing practices.

Promoting honest and trustworthy billing practices among its employees, providers, insurers, and governmental agencies to reduce fraud and abuse in the medical billing field.

Upholding the Guidelines of its compliance program, which serves as a general reference for all employees at RSI, ensures the good faith practice of third party medical billing in accordance with all Federal and State laws.  

Ruffe Systems

The compliance guidelines set forth the responsibilities and obligations of employees at RSI as well as contracted providers in handling the receipt of charges, submission of claims and reimbursements to insurers, patients and providers doing business with RSI.